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Research Seminar

Martinmas 2023

In Martinmas 2023, the Theology seminar is reading important texts of Protestant Scholasticism. The seminar schedule and readings are available below and here.

The weekly seminar typically follows this pattern:

11.30am-12.45pm Theology Seminar in St Mary’s College Hall

Seminars will be in person and will not be live-streamed.

All are also warmly invited to some college-wide events taking place before and after the seminar:

11-11.20am Morning Prayer in St Mary’s College Hall (open to all who would like to attend)

1-1.45pm Bring-your-own lunch in the Senior Common Room (coffee, tea, and water available)

If you are not on the Theology Research Seminar list or the Logos Seminar list, and would like to receive reminders and texts, please email the seminar leader, Dr Stephen Holmes, sh80 [at] st-andrews.ac.uk.

Wednesday, 13 Sept 2023, 11.00am: Intro: ‘Dry bones tied together with split hairs’? Recovering scholasticism (Paper by Dr Steve Holmes, St Andrews)

20 Sept 2023: An introduction to Lutheran scholasticism

Johann Gerhard, Aphorismi succinct et selecti (Ienae: Tobias Steinmann, 1611), ch.3-4 (sign. A5v-D2v) [The Summe of Christian Doctrine (tr. Winterton) (Cambridge: Roger Daniel, 1640) ch.2-4 (pp.1-39)]

27 Sept 2023: Lutheran Christology

Martinum Chemnicium [sic, Kemnicii], De Duabus Naturis in Christo… (Ienae: Donati Ritzenhaini, 1570) (sign. B1r-E1r) [Martin Chemnitz (tr. J.A.O. Preuss), The Two Natures in Christ (St. Louis: Concordia, 1971) (pp. TBA)]

4 Oct 2023: A scholastic Lutheran account of satisfaction

Johannes Quenstedt, Theologia Didactica-Polemica (Wittebergae: Quenstedius, 1696) Bk III, ch. III., Memb. II, Didactica Theses xxv-xliv (pp. 225-253) [Quenstedt (tr. Matthew Carver), Atonement in Lutheran Perspective (Sydeny, MT: Synoptic Text, 2023), pp. 16-92]

11 Oct 2023: An introduction to Reformed scholasticism

Guilielmum Amesius, Medulla S. S. Theologiæ (Londini: Robertum Allottum, 1630) Liber Primus, Capp. I-VII (pp. 1-37) [Ames (tr. Eusden), The Marrow of Theology (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1997) pp. 77-100)]

Iohanne Wollebio, Christianae Theologiæ Compendium (Basilae: Ioh. Iac. Genathi, 1626) Præcognita et Lib. Primi Capp. I-IV (pp. 1-24) [John W. Beardslee III (ed. & tr.), Reformed Dogmatics (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1977) pp. 29-53)]

18 Oct 2023: Independent Learning Week – No seminar

25 Oct 2023: Reformed Christology

Petro van Mastricht, Theoloetico-Practica Theologia (ed. nov.) (Rhenum: Gerardum Muntendam, 1698) Tom. Prim. pp. 435-450[Petrus van Mastricht (tr. Rester), Theoretical-Practical Theology vol. 4 (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2023) pp. 125-167]

1 Nov 2023: A scholastic Reformed account of satisfaction (Francisco Turrettino, trans. by Giger)

Francisco Turrettino, Institution Theologiæ Electicæ pars secunda (Genevae: Samuelem de Tournes, 1688) Locus Decimus Quartus: De Officio Christi Mediatorio (pp. 407-544) [Turretin (tr. Giger), Institutes of Elentic Theology vol. II (Philipsburg, NJ: P&R, 1997) pp. 375-499]

8 Nov 2023: Radical christology (Menno Simons, trans. by Verduin)

Menno Simons, Een Klare Onwederspreekelyke Bekenteniss en Aenwysinge… in Opera Omnia Theologica, Of Alle de Gogtgeleerde Wercken van Menno Symons (Amsterdam: Joannes van Veen, 1681) (fol. 355-382) [Menno, The Incarnation of our Lord in The Complete Writings of Menno Simons (tr. Leonard Verduin; ed. John Christian Wenger) (Scottsdale, PA: Herald Press, 1956) pp. 351-382]

15 Nov 2023: American Academy of Religion & SBL meetings – No seminar

22 Nov 2023: Radical ecclesiology (Margaret Fell/Fox, Katherine Chidley)

Margaret Fell/Fox, Women’s Speaking Justified (London: s.n., 1666) (whole text of brief pamphlet)


You may view past schedules of research seminars on the seminar archive list.

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