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Research Seminar

Martinmas 2022

“A Theological Turn: 
Readings in Systematic Theology of the Late Twentieth Century” 

This semester, the research seminar will be held jointly with the Logos Institute, and will take the form of a reading group on the work of a circle of theologians active in the 1990’s at the Research Institute for Systematic Theology (RIST) in London, which was founded by Christoph Schwöbel with Colin Gunton, and attended by many who later joined St Mary’s College, including Alan Torrance, John Webster, and Steve Holmes.

The turn towards systematic theology spearheaded by RIST therefore forms an important part of our own heritage, and important context for the work of Christoph Schwöbel, our late 1643 Chair in Divinity, for whom we are also holding a memorial conference at the European Academy of Religion conference in St Andrews on 22-23 June 2023.

Each week, we will read two essays from among the circle of theologians around Schwöbel and Gunton, taken in each case from one of the collections they edited of their joint conferences and seminars. The reading will comprise c. forty pages per week, and will be distributed in advance of each session.

The weekly seminar will take place as follows:

11.30-12.45pm Joint Theology & Logos Seminar in the Senate Room (please come prepared to discuss the week’s texts)

Seminars will be in person and will not be live-streamed.

All are also warmly invited to some college-wide events taking place before and after the seminar:

11-11.20am Morning Prayer in St Mary’s College Hall (open to all who would like to attend)

1-1.45pm Bring-your-own lunch in the Senior Common Room (coffee, tea, water and biscuits provided)

If you are not on the Theology Research Seminar list or the Logos Seminar list, and would like to receive reminders and texts, please email the seminar assistant, Christian Kalmbach, at ck236.

The texts will be taken from the following collections (exact chapters to be selected by chairs a week before each session):

 Week 1 – 14 Sept: Introduction to the ‘systematic turn’ at RIST (Dr Steve Holmes)

Week 2 – 21 Sept: from Persons, Divine and Human (chaired by Euan Grant) 

Week 3 – 28 Sept: from Trinitarian Theology Today (chaired by King-Ho Leung)

Week 4 – 5 Oct: from God and Freedom (chaired by Katrin Bosse) 

Week 5 – 12 Oct: from The Doctrine of Creation (chaired by Oliver Crisp)

Week 6 – 19 Oct: no seminar for ILW 

Week 7 – 26 Oct: from The Doctrine of God and Theological Ethics (chaired by Dafydd Daniel) 

Week 8 – 2 Nov: from The Theology of Reconciliation [ebook] (chaired by Andrew Torrance) 

Week 9 – 9 Nov: from Act and Being (chaired by King-Ho Leung)

Week 10 – 16 Nov: from The Person of Christ [ebook] (chaired by Judith Wolfe)

Week 11 – 23 Nov: no seminar for AAR/SBL

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