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Research Seminar

Candlemas 2022

This semester, seminars are being held jointly with the Logos Institute. Seminars will begin in Week 2 and be held on Wednesdays, 11.15 am to 12.45 pm.

In-person seminars, marked by * (asterisk), will be held at the Senate Room, St Mary’s College. A video link will be provided for those who cannot attend in person.

Online seminars will be held on MS Teams. If you are not already on the Theology or Logos seminar mailing lists, but would like a link, please contact the Rev’d Wade Bellesbach (wmb4@st-andrews.ac.uk).


26- Prof. Oliver Crisp (St Andrews), “Meta-Theology”

2- Prof. Judith Wolfe (St Andrews), “Towards an Eschatological Imagination”

9- Prof. Phil Ziegler (Aberdeen), “On the Present Possibility of Sola Scriptura”

16- Dr Euan Grant (St Andrews), “The Significance of the Natural Desire Debate”

23- Independent Learning Week (No Research Seminar)

2- *Prof. Ingolf Dalferth (Claremont), “Finitude and Responsibility: The Challenge of Being Human in the Age of Technology”

9- *Dr King-Ho Leung (St Andrews), “In principio erat Verbum: Exchanging Word and Being”

16- *Prof. Paul Nimmo (Aberdeen), “The Alien Holiness of the Church”

23- Prof. Crina Gschwandtner (Fordham), “Distinguishing Ways of Living Religion: A Case for Phenomenology?”

30- *Prof. Tom McCall (Asbury), “Is Sin ‘The Cosmic Terrorist?’ Reconsidering Sin as Personal Agent”

6- no seminar

13- *Prof. Thomas Schärtl (Munich), “Revelation and Encounter with God”

20- *Prof. Thomas Pfau (Duke), “Literature & Theology, 1700-present”

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