Research Seminar

All seminars take place in St Mary’s College Hall
Wednesdays, 11.15 am – 12.45pm, unless otherwise indicated.

All staff and students of St Mary’s College, and their friends, are welcome.

Martinmas Semester 2018/19

During the Martinmas Semester 2018/19, we shall be reading texts from Anselm of Canterbury. The seminar is convened by Prof. Christoph Schwöbel. The first meeting of the semester is on 19 September 2018.

Past seminars:

Candlemas Semester 2017/2018


7 – Dr Louise Nelstrop, College Lecturer in Theology at St Benet’s Hall, University of Oxford: “The Monk of Farne: Deification in the Thought of A Forgotten English Mystic”

14 – Dr Oliver Langworthy, Associate Lecturer in Theology, University of St Andrews: “Theodoret of Cyrus’ Contribution to the Use of ‘Theologian’ as a Title in Late Antiquity”

21 – Prof. John Haldane, Baylor University and University of St Andrews: “Analytical Thomism”

28 – Rev Dr Gabrielle Thomas, Research Fellow at the Centre for Catholic Studies, Durham University: ”The Human Icon: Gregory of Nazianzus on Being a Divine Image


7 – Dr Crystal Addey, Research Associate, University of Glasgow/Honorary Researcher, University of St Andrews: “Oracles of Fire: The Formation and Reception of the Chaldean Oracles”

14 – Prof Dr Ulrich Volp, Professor of Ecclesiastical History and History of Doctrine, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz: “Rhetoric, Steps of Mourning and the Intelligence of Emotions: Observations on 4th century funeral orations”

Spring Vacation


4 – Dr Rik van Nieuwenhove, Assistant Professor of Medieval Thought, Durham University: “Thomas Aquinas on contemplation and the theological virtues”

11 – Prof Jan-Olav Henriksen, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion, Norwegian School of Theology: “Three perspectives on Resurrection: Revelation, Experience, Recognition”

18 – Dr Simon Burton, John Laing Senior Lecturer in Reformation History, University of Edinburgh: “Realism in Fifteenth-Century Reform: The Case of Heimeric de Campo and Nicholas of Cusa”

Listings of seminars from previous calendar years can be found at Past Seminars.