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Prof. Oliver Crisp is Professor of Analytic Theology in the Logos Institute. His research focuses on historical and systematic theology, as well as analytic theology. He welcomes PhD applications in historical, systematic, and philosophical theology, as well as philosophy of religion. He is particularly interested in central Christian doctrines, theology in the Reformed tradition, the relation of analytic philosophy to theology, and the philosophy of Jonathan Edwards. He also has a developing interest in legal theory and religion.

Prof. Judith Wolfe is Professor of Philosophical Theology. She welcomes PhD applications in systematic and philosophical theology, particularly in eschatology and theological anthropology, and in European philosophy in its relation to theology; in Thomas Aquinas and his modern interpreters; and in theology and the arts, especially drama, literature, and imagination in their theological and philosophical dimensions.

Prof. George Corbett is Professor of Theology. He has two principal areas of research: historical and systematic theology (with specialisms in medieval theology, Aquinas’ theology and its influence, and Catholic theology) and theology and the arts (with specialisms in Dante Studies, sacred music, and theological aesthetics). He welcomes PhD applications in all these areas. Outside St Andrews, Dr Corbett is the director of CEPHAS (A Thomistic Centre for Philosophy and Scholastic Theology).
Prof. Sabine Hyland is Professor of World Christianity. She earned her PhD in Anthropology from Yale University, where her thesis examined the history of Jesuit and Mercedarian missions in colonial Peru. More recently, her research analyses the sacred textual traditions of indigenous people in the Americas, with a focus on Andean khipus. Her work has been funded by Google, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, the National Geographic Society, the Andrew W Mellon Foundation, and the Leverhulme Trust.

Readers and Senior Lecturers

Steve HolmesDr Steve Holmes is Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology. He welcomes enquiries for PhD supervision in in many areas of systematic and historical theology, but particularly in Trinitarian theology; evangelical theology; and Baptist theology.

Dr John Perry is Senior Lecturer in Theological Ethics. His research focuses theological ethics within evangelical, Anglican, and Catholic moral theology, as well as philosophical ethics (Locke, Hume, Mill, Singer); medical, sexual, and political ethics. He invites PhD applications for any of these related fields.
Dr Andrew Torrance is Senior Lecturer in the Logos Institute for Analytical and Exegetical Theology. He welcomes PhD applications in theology. To date, his research interests have focused on creation, Christology, religious experience, science and religion, Scripture and revelation, and theological anthropology.
Dr Brendan Wolfe is the Principal Editor of the St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology and Honorary Reader in Historical Theology. His research interests include the linguistics and theology of the Gothic New Testament, the psychology of religious art, cross-cultural practices of reverence, and the Inklings.

Permanent Lecturers and Associate Lecturers

Revd Katrin Bosse is Associate Lecturer in Theology. She specializes in theological anthropology and the theology of religions.
Dr Dafydd Daniel is Lecturer in Divinity, with special interests in intellectual history and in theological ethics/moral theology. He previously taught at the University of Oxford, and has been a BBC New Generation Thinker.
Dr William Hyland is Lecturer in Church History. He welcomes PhD applications in many areas of medieval Church history, and in particular monastic spirituality; and Benedictine and Premonstratensian history and spirituality of all eras. He is also interested in Mariology in all periods of Christian history.

Fixed-Term Lecturers, Associate Lecturers, and Research Fellows


Mr Dennis Bray is Research Fellow in Theology and the Arts, working with Prof. Judith Wolfe and Dr Brendan Wolfe on a funded research project entitled Art as Revelation (2022-2025).


Dr Euan Grant is Associate Lecturer in Systematic Theology. His research interests are in metaphysics and theological anthropology, particularly the question of human finitude, fallenness, and original sin.
Dr Oliver Langworthy is Lecturer in Patristics, and an Academic Editor at the St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology.
Dr King-Ho Leung is Senior Research Fellow in Philosophical Theology, working with Prof. Judith Wolfe on a funded research project entitled Widening Horizons in Philosophical Theology (2021-2024). He welcomes PhD applications in the following areas: metaphysics; philosophy and theology as a way of life; philosophical and theological anthropology (especially in relation to finitude and self-transcendence); political theology and post-secularism; theology and philosophy of technology.



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