mark-elliottProf. Mark Elliott is Professor of Historical and Exegetical Theology. He researches in the History of Biblical Interpretation (at present on Psalms and Acts in particular), the history of doctrine (at present Providence, Revelation, and Ecclesiology in particular), is co-directing a project on the History of Scottish Theology, and has a live interest in the nexus of Spirituality, Theology and Ecumenism. As Director of the Institute for Bible, Theology and Hermeneutics, he ponders how faithful biblical interpretation converses with Christian Dogmatics.
Steve HolmesDr Steve Holmes is Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology and, since 2016, Head of the School of Divinity. He welcomes enquiries for PhD supervision in in many areas of systematic and historical theology, but particularly in Trinitarian theology; evangelical theology; and Baptist theology.
Dr William Hyland is Lecturer in Church History, and Director of Teaching for the School of Divinity. He welcomes PhD applications in many areas of medieval Church history, and in particular monastic spirituality; and Benedictine and Premonstratensian history and spirituality of all eras.
Dr Oliver Langworthy is Associate Lecturer in Theology. His research is focused on the theology and biblical interpretation of Greek Late Antique writers, and the impact of their reception in later literature. He has recently worked on the pneumatology of Gregory of Nazianzus, and on his portrayal of the idea of sojourning.
Prof. Christoph Schwoebel is the incoming 1643 Chair in Divinity.

Prof. Alan Torrance is Professor of Systematic Theology, and the Director of the Logos Institute for Analytical and Exegetical Theology at the School of Divinity, University of St Andrews. He supervises research on central loci in Christian dogmatics and analytic philosophical theology and has a special interest in the interface between these disciplines and contemporary biblical scholarship. His present research is in Christology.

s200_andrew-torranceDr Andrew Torrance is Lecturer in the Logos Institute for Analytical and Exegetical Theology. He welcomes PhD applications in theology. To date, his research interests have focused on creation, Christology, religious experience, science and religion, Scripture and revelation, and theological anthropology.
Mr Brendan Wolfe is Associate Lecturer in Late Antique Language and Religion.His post-graduate teaching centres on Late Antique Latin, Patristics, and the influence of the pagan philosophical schools on Christianity, with further research interests in the adoption of Christianity by the Goths and the Gothic Bible.
Prof. Judith Wolfe is Professor of Philosophical Theology. She welcomes PhD applications in systematic and philosophical theology, particularly in eschatology and theological anthropology, and in European philosophy in its relation to theology;
in subjects in 20th-century philosophical theology that stand in dialogue with Thomas Aquinas; and in theology and the arts, especially drama, literature, and imagination in their theological and philosophical dimensions.
Dr George Corbett is Lecturer in Theology, Imagination and the Arts. He welcomes PhD applications in Aquinas’ theology, medieval theology, and Catholic theology post Vatican II. Within ITIA, he also welcomes PhD applications in theological aesthetics and theology and the arts (in any period). Outside St Andrews, Dr Corbett is the director of CEPHAS (A Thomistic Centre for Philosophy and Scholastic Theology).


Other Faculty Associated with the Subject Area

Dr Eric Stoddart is Lecturer in Practical Theology.

Dr John Perry is Senior Lecturer in Theological Ethics.

Dr T.J. Lang, Lecturer in New Testament, co-teaches The Origins of Christian Theology (MLitt).