Michael Hahn


Michael was born and grew up in Darlington in the North East of England. In the last few years, Michael has lived in St Andrews and Oxford.

M.St. Ecclesiastical History, University of Oxford (Oriel College)
M.A. Theological Studies, University of St Andrews

Thesis Topic
Franciscan Brides of Christ: does the early-Franciscan focus on poverty lead to a distinctive form of bridal mysticism?

Michael researches medieval theology and ecclesiastical history, and has specific interests in medieval monasticism and Christian mysticism. His thesis topic is located at the intersection of these two areas of study. Under the supervision of Dr William P. Hyland, Michael is arguing that the focus on poverty among the early-Franciscan writers led to an expression of bridal mysticism which was notably different to that of their non-Franciscan contemporaries.

Michael has wider research interests in medieval female spirituality, medieval pilgrimage, Scoto-papal relations, and ecclesiastical historiography.

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