Research Seminar

In Martinmas 2019, we will read texts from within the Summa Theologiae of Thomas Aquinas.

Readings will be posted in early September.

All seminars take place in St Mary’s College Hall
Wednesdays, 11.15 am – 12.45pm, unless otherwise indicated.

All staff and students of St Mary’s College, and their friends, are welcome.

Martinmas Semester, 2019

11.15-12.45 College Hall

18.09.   Introduction: How to read the Summa? Varieties of ‘Thomism’ as different . readings of                 the Summa

25.09.   Treatise on the Incarnation ST III 1-26 (Introduction: George Corbett)

02.10.   Redemption and the Sacraments ST III 46-49; III 60-90, with emphasis on 60-65.                         (Introduction: Bill Hyland, Brendan Wolf)

09.10.   On the One God ST I 2-3; 11-13. (Introduction: King-Ho Leung and Euan Grant)

16.10.   On the Trinity ST I 27-23 (Introduction: CS)

23.10.   Independent Learning Week: No seminar

30.10.   On Creation ST I 44-49; 63-64, 65-74 (Introduction: Joanna Leidenhag)

06.11.   On Man ST I 75-83; I-II 1-5, 9-17 (Introduction: Judith Wolfe)

13.11On Law, Grace and the Virtues ST I-II 90,93-5; 107-8; 109-114; II-II 1-26; focus on I-II 133 a4              On justification. (Introduction: Katrin Bosse)

20.11.   Theology and its Relation to Philosophy ST I 1

27.11.   AAR: No seminar

Introductory literature:

Torrell, Jean Pierre, Aquinas’s Summa. Background, Structure & Reception (Washington: Catholic University of America Press, 2005).

McGinn, Bernard, Thomas Aquinas’s Summa theologiae. A Biography. (Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP, 2014)

Philip McCosker and Denys Turner (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to the Summa Theologiae (Cambridge: CUP, 2016)

Nicholas M. Healy, Thomas Aquinas. Theologian of the Christian Life (London/New York: Routledge 2017).

Research Seminar Overview


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