Research Seminar

All seminars take place in St Mary’s College Hall
Wednesdays, 11.15 a.m – 12.45pm, unless otherwise indicated

Candlemas 2017 (Spring Semester)


1 – Dr Alistair McFadyen, Lecturer in Theology, University of Leeds: ‘On Having Enemies: Terror, Torture, Theology & Policing’

8 – Prof Lewis Ayers, Prof of Catholic and Historical Theology, Durham University: ‘…Totius Traditionis Mirabile Sacramentum: A Theology of Tradition in the Light of Dei Verbum

15 – Dr Brandon Gallaher, Lecturer in Theology, University of Exeter: ‘The Word, the Words and the Trinity: A Preliminary Exploration of the Relationship of Eastern Orthodoxy to World Religions’

22 – Prof David Clough, Prof of Theology, University of Chester: ‘Consuming Animal Creatures- The Ethics of Eating Animals’


1 – Dr Justin Stratis, Lecturer in Theology, Trinity College, Bristol: ‘Modern English Trinitarianism and the Turn to the Social – Exploring the Welch Thesis’

8 – Dr Joan O’Donovan, Lecturer in Theology, University of Edinburgh: ‘A Reformation Contribution to an Evangelical Theology of Law and Freedom’

Spring Vacation

29 – Dr Simeon Zahl, Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Nottingham: ‘Is There a Protestant Metaphysics? Luther’s Use/Substance Distinction and the Nature of the Theological Task’


5 – Dr Andrew Moore, Lecturer in Theology, Regents Park College, Oxford University: ‘Why Theology has (Virtually) Nothing to Learn from Science’

12 – Dr Tasia Scrutton, Associate Prof in Philosophy of Religion, University of Leeds: ‘Religion and Mental Health: Christians, Depression, and Demonic Possession’